Solasta Dungeons Wiki

Solasta supports Unity mods, and the community has created a wealth of new classes, spells, feats and enhancements to customize and extend the gaming experience.

This guide is a fast way to get up and running in mods in just a few minutes, or watch it on YouTube.

Start Using Custom Mods Right Away[]

  • Quick Start Guide for first-time mod user installation of the Warlock class
  • Time Required: 10 Minutes

Recently, I was blown away by how easy it is to add high quality mods to Solasta. I’ve added various mods to games like Skyrim before and generally found it to be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Modding with Solasta is nothing like that. It’s so much smoother and better integrated. If you’re curious about modding, but dreading what might be a tedious and confusing process, why not spend a few minutes to give it a try?

The aim of this guide is to show you how quick and easy it is to add all kinds of new features to your game.

Note: To download any mods, you must be logged into Nexus Mods. If this is your first time using Nexus, you’ll need to register an account.

Core Setup[]

To prepare the basic infrastructure for modding Solasta, you need to download and install two key mods: Unity Mod Manager and Solasta Mod API. This is probably the “hardest” and most technical part of the overall process, but it’s still pretty easy! You just need to pay attention a little.

  1. Open the webpage for Unity Mod Manager on Nexus Mods.
  2. To the right of the screen next to Download, click on MANUAL. Then click on SLOW DOWNLOAD on the next page. (Don’t worry, it’s not slow and only takes a few seconds!).
  3. Open the zip file you downloaded and extract/copy the contents (the UnityModManager folder) to the location of your choice.
  4. Open that folder and double click on the UnityModManager application file. It’s the one with a three circle icon on the left. That will bring up the UnityModManager Installer.
  5. On the Install tab, set the Game to Solasta and the Folder to Slasta_COTM. You can find Slasta_COTM within your Steam folders at: Steam/steamapps/common.
  6. Click on the Install button. Then click on the Mods tab.
  7. Open the webpage for the Solasta Mod API on Nexus Mods.
  8. Download that file in the same way as the Unity Mod Manager, and drag that zip file into the box that says “Drop zip files here” on the Mods tab of the UnityModManager Installer. That should install the Solasta Mod API automatically.

Now you’re ready to add the mod of your choice!

Quickly Add Any Mod You Like[]

At this point, you can search through Nexus and quickly add all kinds of Solasta mods to the Mods tab. There are individual mods that will work on their own. For example, there’s a mod called Solasta Magic Crossbows that will let you buy and craft such weapons. Some of the more popular mods require a combination of at least two files, so always check under the “Requirements” tab in the mod’s main page. Let’s follow some quick steps for adding and then actually playing one of the cooler mods: the Solasta Warlock Class.

  1. Go to the Solasta Warlock Class webpage and check under the “Requirements” tab. It will list two mods: Solasta Mod API (which we’ve already installed) and Solasta Mod Helpers (which we need to install).
  2. Download and install the Solasta Warlock Class mod, just as you did before with the Solasta Mod API.
  3. Go to the Solasta Mod Helpers webpage, and download and install that mod too.

Now you’re ready to play the game and try out a new class!

Launching and Playing the Game with Mods[]

At this point, you should have three mods installed on the Mods tab, meaning Solasta Mod API, Solasta Warlock Class and Solasta Mod Helpers. The Status should show “OK” for each of them. That means they’re all installed. Now let’s follow a few simple steps so that you can get playing.

  1. Launch Solasta. (If it’s already loaded, you’ll need to reload.) When the game is finished loading, you’ll be greeted by the Mod Manager. You’ll see the mods you added and they should all have a green circle under Status. Click on “Close” on the bottom-left of the Mod Manager.
  2. Now just like you’ve done many times before, click on the options to create a new character. After you select your race, you’ll see that warlock has been added to the available classes. (You may need to scroll up to the top.)
  3. Most importantly, finish creating your first ever warlock and then kick some serious eldritch a$s!

And there you have it. In this same way, you can add other classes and all kinds of new features and enhancements too.