Solasta Dungeons Wiki


Currently keys that drop in user created dungeons are not removed after use. This can cause problems if the party then plays another dungeon that uses the same key. Remember to drop all keys from previous dungeons before you start a new one.


Once you leave the final Exit Point in the module, you will get the Game Over screen.

Party Victorious.jpg

At the bottom of the screen there are buttons to "UPDATE CHARACTER" and "CONTINUE"

But this does not always work instantly. You usually have to click the buttons... wait a few seconds... THEN hit continue. You may have to restart the Game for them to appear.

If you do not want to save updates to your characters, for example in a rogue-lite gameplay style, you can simply hit CONTINUE and your characters are not changed from when you started the adventure. Exp, character advancements, and items will NOT be saved.


Due to a Solasta export bug there is a possibility that exporting characters with the light spell active on a weapon will hamper the exporting process. Make sure to Short Rest once to get rid of the light spell on your weapons before Exporting your characters.

Avoiding the Export Bug

Just make sure to...

1. Short Rest to remove the Light Spell from any weapons or items....

2. Export the characters...

3. Restart the Game

The characters should then appear in your screen and be selectable.