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The Primal Calling DLC is available on November 4th. Wishlist it to push Solasta up the Steam charts for maximum coverage!

While you go about your business in the city, an old man with a noble appearance calls out to you and convinces you to follow him with the promise of a mission that will change your life. The fire burns with great flames in his home, and warms up to your soul. While you wait for the explanations, other warriors of various appearances enter in their turn. The old man walks slowly towards the fireplace, the flames flicker and his voice, finally, is heard.

“Adventurers, let me explain. Many years ago, Morcar was my apprentice. Hardworking, he assimilated quickly, but impatience devoured him and he wanted to learn much more powerful magic. I warned him of the dangers. and urged him to be patient. But he couldn't wait any longer and every night forced the door to my study to read new spells. He left after learning them all.

"He took refuge in the north, in the wasteland of Chaos, but no one knows where. As he regenerates, his troops attack the borders of the empire. Your mission will be to go to the east, to the cathedral of Brother Silmar. There, go to the catacombs. All you have to do is find the Rune of Fellmarg, and bring it back to me. But beware; they say these catacombs are guarded..."


This mod is a tribute to the tabletop game HeroQuest; The March of Morcar, an old-school dungeon crawler.

This adaptation required some changes to fit with Solasta as for history, mapping, type of monsters. I tried my best to keep the mood, difficulty and objectives of the base game. Also added few scenarios to fit with the story rewritten and provide little more flavour. I hope you enjoy it and have fun! :)

Animated-Flag-France-16.gif SirMadnessTV publishes in both French and English. You can access the French version, and much more besides, at My Mad Solasta.

Note that you can have access to the "collectible books list's" (Spoiler alert) via the menu "modules / solastaquest" of the website. This page provides you the full list and locations of the books. These books are non-sellable and can be stocked into mentor's house libraries or in your inventories. It's a proof of completion and provides a bit of Lore concerning the Creatures of HQ and Solasta.

LAST UPDATE :: December 2021 (2.1.3) - check mymadsolasta website menu "modules / solastaquest / updates" for details.


AVAILABLE IN-GAME :: apx. 24h of playtime

- Main Campaign (14 original quests + 1 custom + DarkCompany: Exp of 1 big quest)

- Side Chapters : Apocalypse (3 quests) - Werewolf's Reign (1 quest) - The Necromancers (5 quests)


The UPDATE 2.0 (first Solasta DLC) - A huge evolution for the module. This 2.0 brings the adventure to the next level with the Primal Calling DLC out, But what was the update towards 2.0?

  • City of Nuln (The main city of HeroQuest) adapted in a "small" version for SolastaQuest. This town will be the hub for in coming community scenarios and place for merchants of all kind.
  • The House of Mentor - the original Hub of Solastaquest was re-designed and integrated in the City of Nuln. Now you can rest and store your things at Mentor's house. This place is also the Hub for "Official HQ campaign and expansions."
  • Investigation system is up. In old HQ boardgame we could check for treasure in every rooms. This is now possible in a "light" version for SolastaQuest. Try to find some gold and maybe you will... Or maybe a monster will come at you!
  • Custom Items and Monsters! You'll have every item of the base game + bosses. (Though this is still an adaptation.)
  • Collectibles : For completion of a quest you'll find a "scroll of success" Quest object that you can store at Mentor's or keep on you to prove that you completed a quest! Also, you can find some "Knowledge books". They are easy or hard to find, everywhere and they carry the knowledge of SolastaQuest (meaning some of Heroquest re-written + new). A complete list will be available on Asap.
  • Full re-Mapping of the Quest 11 "Castle of Mysteries" to avoid loading between TP.
  • A New Quest! SolastaQuest will come with a new community scenario from the 150+ yet to come. Quest for Quinzen. You'll be able to play these community scenarios from the Nuln city (Hub) wandering in it. You can play them as you like in the order that pleases you. Though take care with the difficulty level recommended. You can make a Quest lvl 1 with a party lvl 12 or the invert, It will be up to you.

Expect then more SolastaQuest to come in 2022 with expansions and community scenario added. It will take time as there is total 200+ maps to create but it will come brick by brick. Have Fun Adventurers!



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