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Snow Alliance Territories

The north is a wide belt of craggy, snow-capped mountains and dark woodlands of conifers, larches and other sturdy species that manage to thrive in the cold. The ancient Stone Alliance territories claim all the mountains, and the ores beneath, either as their own, or in oft-debated pacts with the denizens of Borealis, their western neighbor.

To the south lie the Marches, a lawless zone of orc tribes and mercenary bands, and the Principality of Masgarth. All trade to the east travels through the Kingdom of Gallivan to Olme Fen, the halfling heartland, and the Forest of Colthannin.[1]

The Snow Alliance is a powerful trading source for furs and lumber, but the ores of the dwarven mines are their most characteristic export.

Snow Alliance[]

Exceptional in that it was never conquered by the Manacalon Empire, the Snow Alliance is a loose confederation of small mountain cantons. While they are quick to unite in the face of any external threat, each community maintains its own traditions, rules its own lands, and minds its own business. Its nominal capital is at Valkarokkupun (White Rock City in the snow dwarf dialect), where a council of elders meets on an occasional basis to discuss matters of mutual interest.

The Alliance was founded long before the Cataclysm, when the Snow Dwarves forged an alliance with Sylvan Elves living on their territory; the two races sharing a common love of life in the wilderness. During the rise of the Manacalon Empire, the Snow Alliance of dwarves and their Sylvan neighbors repelled the Empire’s forces and remained independent.

The society of the Snow Alliance is clannish but egalitarian. All are treated equally under the law, regardless of race, birth, or other factors. Wealth is respected as a measure of success, but personal ability and integrity are respected more. Snow dwarves form the majority of the population, followed by humans and sylvan elves: other races are rare. When humans first arrived shortly after the Cataclysm, they settled the majority of their population in Borealis and south of the Badlands, and are considered numerous in the Snow Alliance. They brought with them the knowledge of how to build, farm and survive without access to arcane magic, and in those turbulent times were mostly welcomed.[2]

Guild of Antiquarians[]

The Snow Alliance is home to the Guild of Antiquarians, a scholarly organization dedicated to recovering and studying the remains of the Manacalon Empire and pre-Imperial times. Under the leadership of Chancellor Hertha Gormsdottir, the Guild has become a respected member of the Legacy Council.[3]

Notable Antiquarians:

  • Hertha Gormsdottir, Chancellor
  • Heironymus Shearwater, Loremaster[3]


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