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The Primal Calling DLC is available on November 4th. Wishlist it to push Solasta up the Steam charts for maximum coverage!

The Badlands caravan you are traveling on is attacked, leading to an impromptu exploration of an old abandoned moathouse. There you encounter an shadowy group serving a mysterious 'Master', and unearth a strange map to an unknown destination.

The fallout from the confrontation sends you on a fantastic journey to an ancient lost city preserved in time by unknown magics.

What happened to this city, and why did it disappear? And who is this mysterious 'Master' that dwells there now?

More Information[]

The first complete campaign available from Silverquick celebrating the Dungeon Maker upgrades in the Primal Calling expansion. The mysteries first explored in Moathouse on the Border now continue in this full-length campaign.

Visit the town of Grimhaven where every resident may be hiding a sinister secret, the mysterious and bewildering Stone of Passage, the sprawling villa of a tyrant orc mercenary, and many other lushly-created zones on your way to the Ruins of Ilthismar and the climactic finale.

Along the way you'll encounter devious enemies and fiendish traps, discover ancient secrets, and if you survive; face your ultimate challenge.

Features include:

  • Town with interactable NPCs and Merchants
  • Phased quest progression
  • Custom monsters, NPCs, Lore and magic items

This campaign will require a well-balanced party. Seriously.

It is strongly recommended you play Classic Tabletop adventures with 'Deadlier AI' enabled in your game options. The default setting for AI greatly reduces the monster use of abilities, limiting the encounter challenge. Encounter balance will be at its best for a points-buy party on Authentic with Deadlier AI.

Screenshots may contain minor spoilers[]

Interactive merchants and NPCs in Grimhaven

Custom monsters with custom abilities

New exotic locations

Spooky tunnels

Custom items

Gorgeous graphics

Crowds of interactive NPCs

Explosive combat

More Information[]

Silverquick's old school experience shines through encounters and scenarios that salute classic D&D modules. Look out for homages to Forgotten Temple of Thurizdun, Pool of Radiance and Dwellers of the Forbidden City.


Credit for module Cover Art remixed from Tom Prante under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.



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