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Principality of Masgarth Territories

The Principality of Masgarth claims the lands east of the devastated remains of the Manacalon Empire, now a dangerous and unpredictable zone known simply as the Badlands. To the north lies the territory of the Snow Alliance, and important trade routes.

To the east lies the Kingdom of Gallivan, which traditionally has strong ties to Masgarth, and to the south is the New Empire, with whom relations are more complex.[1]

Access to the treasures of the Manacalon ruins in the Badlands remains this regions most prized commodity.

Principality of Masgarth[]

Called simply “the Principality” by its own people, this land is centered around the great city of Caer Cyflen, where the Legacy Council is based. The Principality commands the Copperhead Road route through the mountains to the Badlands, which is by far the easiest and safest route known. This has given the Principality a strategic position and the potential for a virtual monopoly on Manacalon antiquities, which has drawn covetous glances from its three neighbors.

For centuries, a fragile balance was maintained by skilful diplomacy, as no one neighbor dared try to conquer the Principality for fear of reprisals from the other two. When the Copperhead Road was discovered, the Legacy Council was founded to ensure that all of the Eastern Realms had equal access to recovered antiquities and ancient knowledge. While the Council is made up of delegates from scholarly institutions, it is no accident that each delegation comes from one of the four Eastern Realms, and it is well known that their respective governments take a keen, if unofficial, interest in their doings.

The current ruler of the Principality is Her Royal Highness, Princess Ceiwad Silverflower. Descended from the Imperial governors of the province, she is young and considered flighty by some; fortunately, she is served by a Privy Council of experienced and capable officials, which does not bother her with the petty details of day-to-day government.[2]

Circle of Danantar[]

The Circle of Danantar was created in the Principality of Masgarth as a school for adventurers, out of a minor magic school from the Old Empire. It has a reputation for toughness and practicality, which contrasts with the more scholarly outlook of some other factions.[3]

The Circle is better known for training spellblades than for serious scholarship. The Princess herself is an enrolled member of the Circle and sits on the Legacy Council as a member of its delegation, but her membership is a matter of courtesy rather than merit.[2]


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