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Our story begins somewhere in the Snow Alliance territory, in the chilly hills and forests that lie between the Principality of Masgarth and the mountain fortresses of the Snow Dwarves. One of the many territories to be correct, because this alliance is composed of many tribes, clans, city-states and small independent kingdoms where local chieftains rule. However, with a similar culture of, yes, respect for richness but most of all respect of self accomplishment.

More precisely, our story begins near of the village of Holden Burg, with a bunch of fresh adventurers in search of adventure and glory. Your young group of adventurers collects useless missions for some time. And the time is harsh. In the need of accepting every chicken hunt or any boring delivery to meet their needs. We're not close to interest Bards for their songs...Rumour was about some occult troubles at Holden Burg with some shiny reward. No more was needed for our group to be motivated and start the travel towards the village.

They left the great city of Meleanir and arrived at Holden Burg, in a hurry to take the mission for themselves. No time to visit, they met Maestre Delynn and without even a discussion about the reward, they accepted the quest. Were they here for the gold or for the glory? Maybe, in the end, the adventure was stronger than the needs. At few days of walking from the village, stands the Crypt of Holden Burg. Dug in the stones of the Twin Mountains. This is a small mountain chain cherished by shepherds and falconers. Here, we live in peace, quietly. However, since few weeks, the inhabitants of theses mountains takes refuge in Holden Burg, fleeing a threat from beyond the grave. It's time for our adventurers, to become it for good...


Special Features:

  • World Map experience allowing you to travel between locations, trade and decide your route forward
  • Rich and extensive lore is explored throughout the individual adventures and drives the overall campaign
  • In-game trade system to acquire upgrades for your party
  • A living world where regular updates and additions expand the experience

This is a complete Open World campaign setting, complete with its own World Map, extensive lore and numerous optional dungeon delves and investigations as you follow the main questline.

Trading for better equipment as you progress will be essential to completing the combat encounters later on. Once you have discovered the Cloister you can trade stacks of loot for new items. Don't forget to come back when you have more loot to trade; you'll need upgrades for the later combat encounters.


With the First DLC (Nov. 4th 2021) the campaign will evolve. For reminder : this campaign is a perpetual WIP until the Dungeon maker is released in full. That means that with every update, the campaign will evolve with it (this is the concept.)

What for the next update :

Chapter 4 and 5 // City of Meleanir // Holden Burg Village // Fast Travel on the world map // Minor updates on every previous maps (typo and fixes.)



Solasta: Holden Burg Chronicles