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Einar is the god of valor and fidelity; patron of paladins, lawful warriors, and all those who bring light to darkness.Einar.png


Oath of Tirmar[]

These paladins belong to an ancient order, inherited from the Tirmarian Inquisition. Some regard them askance, as they continue to be obsessed with the ancient archenemies of humans from Tirmar, from the time before the Cataclysm. Despite this—or perhaps, because of it—their creed remembers the pain inflicted by their suspicious ancestors on their own people, and emphasizes the need to be sure that one is not fighting the wrong people. They conduct their rituals in the ancient language of Tirmar and bear the symbols of the old Inquisition, but instead of the fallen god Arivad they worship Einar. [1]

Their powers are those of a truth-seeker, designed to bring light to darkness, to reveal hidden secrets, and to embody truth with their own voice.

Church of Einar[]

The Church of Einar is organized into three Orders:

  • The Blade is a militant order, a bulwark against chaos and evil.
  • The Shield is an order of protectors, devoted to their flock.
  • The Beacon is an order of itinerant preachers, helping the communities through which they travel with their strength at arms, their healing skills, and their knowledge of the law.

Paladins of Einar swear an oath to Tirmar itself and devote themselves to following the tenets of the Inquisition, continuing the fight against the evil that caused the fall of Tirmar and that followers of Einar swore to never let rise again.

The Einarium[]

The Church of Einar is the chief preserver of relics and stories from the past, from the rise of the Inquisition to the Exodus and the Cataclysm. Those who serve at the Einarium strive to make sure the past is never forgotten. [2] The great repository lies some eighty miles north of Caer Cyflen. [3]


Many legends exist for Einar, some of them contradictory, but so is the way with myths of the great and the strange.
Local traditions and travellers tales to stir the imagination and inspire dreams. Take from them what you will.

Holden Burg Chronicles[]

Adventurers in this Snow Alliance campaign learn the local legends of Einar's two children, Khalon and Aabria, born from a mortal mother.[4]

Order of the Eternal Snow[]

This young Order of Paladins and Clerics, present all over the world, has relatively few members but some temples have emerged over the recent years. The High Temple is located in the lands of the Snow Alliance, where the Order itself was born. It was founded by the twin children of Einar who, growing up, wanted to free themselves from their father without denying him.

The Temples and Cloisters of Eternal Snow raise Paladins under the law of Khalon and Aabria (the twins) and have to fulfill the complete trial of both in order to become a Paladin of Eternal Snow. The Order of Eternal Snow, like many in the mostly dwarven Snow Alliance, distrusts coinage and prefers to trade by worth and value. In their temples they offer roof and food to any travellers that come by.

Aabria is the goddess of liberty, kindness and artists, and her brother Khalon the god of fairness, justice and craftsmen. Regarded by the great majority as minor deities, they are however omnipresent in the culture and education of the Order.

The Order of Eternal Snow tend to teach its young apprentices that Khalon and Aabria were raised by their mother. Einar himself appears only briefly in their tales; as a teacher during young age, or as a guide in difficult times. They lived a human life following the law of Einar. Some more knowledge about their life can be learnt during the trials but then only Paladins of the order knows what is it about. Though we can see in Khalon and Aabria's will the children's declination of what their father, Einar, may preach.

Paladins of Eternal Snow[]

Both Trials of Khalon and Aabria must be completed for an apprentice to become a Paladin. These steps might take many years for some, few less for others; progress depends on the initiate. We can identify the progression via the title received during the process as Apprentice, Companion, Veteran, Champion, Chosen. Those titles may be received for each god. Only one be chosen by both Khalon and Aabria may become a Paladin of Eternal Snow.

  • The Trial of Khalon consists on survival and fighting skills. Becoming master of ourselves and acquiring wisdom through pragmatism and lucidity, and by surpassing ourselves more than surpassing others.
  • The Trial of Aabria consists on social and diplomatic skills. Becoming aware and empathic, helpful and just though strong and perceptive with no violence. Some say that Khalon speaks about her as a dancer, full of joy and kindness while he would crawl in the mud.


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