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Dungeon Maker PRO (DM PRO) provides enhancements and extensions for the live version of the Dungeon Maker (DM). Most of these features do not require any technical expertise and are implemented as additional options in the DM interface.

Some features work for players with unmodified Solasta installations. These are referred to as DM PRO Optional features. Players or creators can Install Dungeon Maker PRO in 10 minutes.

DM PRO Features[]


You can create modded and unmodded adventures with DM PRO installed.

You are free to create modules with only the default asset selection and publish them for all players. Because of this, it is unnecessary to uninstall DM PRO if you wish to make a module that runs unmodded.

When working within the DM with DM PRO installed look out for sections marked in gold. Using assets from these sections will require players to have DM PRO installed.

Tileset Expansion[]

DM PRO Required (in gold)

DM PRO allows creators to mix and match rooms and assets freely between different tilesets. This can provide environments that are impossible in the default DM.

Use of any environment or asset from different tilesets will require players have DM PRO installed. You should make this clear before they subscribe to your adventure. This wiki labels DM PRO content appropriately so players can specifically find modded adventures.

The default tilesets have components that blend together well when combined. The use of room tiles and assets from other tilesets can be visually jarring, so take particular care when placing rooms of different tilesets together and use assets to make the change more natural.

DM PRO Custom Map Sizes (in gold)

Custom map sizes, much larger than the default, are also available.

There are several advanced features of DM PRO which allow greater control over the placement of assets, even if you are not creating a module that requires DM PRO. For example, placement of props on different heights which may have been restricted before is unlocked by DM PRO. Modules prepared this way, without any 'gold' assets, are playable without mods.

As with Rooms and Props, the additional content provided by DM PRO is marked in gold. Use of assets from gold sections require your players to install DM PRO.

Custom Monsters and Expanded Bestiary[]

The Primal Calling DLC introduced a new Custom Monster feature, as well as a greatly expanded Bestiary. DM PRO extends this selection further, as well as providing deeper customisation and control.


Publishing as DM PRO Required or DM PRO Optional requires playtesting.

Make it clear to players, before they subscribe or download your module that it requires DM PRO. Consider linking to the mod itself in your description.

If you are publishing content as DM PRO Optional ensure your module has been playtested with and without the mod.

Merchant Support[]

DM Pro provides optional support for the inclusion of Merchants. If you create a module with merchants using DM PRO it can be accessed by players without the mod. They will just see a normal chest to interact with.

Merchants are available in the core game from the release of the Primal Calling DLC, and for that reason DM PRO version > 1.2 is no longer required to use them, but adds additional features for DM PRO users.

Solasta Scripting Language[]

Solasta Scripting Language provides a powerful toolset to Dungeon Maker authors. It uses Lua for its syntax and exposes functions to interact with the game.


All Lua scripting is contained within mapname.lua and is specific to each map. Remember to remove DEBUG messages when you have finished testing.

Vip-crown-2-line.png Dungeon Maker PRO User Guide Rocket-line.png Learn Lua in 15 Minutes
Bank-line.png Script Library Discord-line.png Solasta Discord

How to Report Bugs[]

Before reporting bugs please check that all old mod versions have been deleted. See below for a full list of deprecated mods. If you still encounter a problem, please follow the process below to help the modders find the problem.

  1. The versions of Solasta, the Solasta Mod API, and this module.
  2. A list of other mods you have installed.
  3. A short description of the bug
  4. A step-by-step procedure to reproduce it
  5. The save, character and log files
  • Alternate Human
  • AlwaysAlt - Auto expand tooltips
  • Armor Feats
  • ASI and Feat
  • Caster Feats -Telekinetic - Fey Teleportation - Shadow Touched
  • Character Export [to-be imported by @impPhil]
  • Crafty Feats
  • Custom Merchants
  • Darkvision
  • Data Viewer
  • Druid Class by DubhHerder
  • Dungeon Maker Merchants
  • Enchanting Crafting Ingredients
  • Enhanced Vision
  • Faster Time Scale
  • Feats - Savage Attacker - Tough - War Caster
  • Fighter Spell Shield
  • Fighting Style Feats
  • Flexible Ancestries
  • Flexible Backgrounds
  • Healing Feats -Inspiring Leader - Chef - Healer
  • Hot Seat Multiplayer Dungeon Master Mode
  • Identify all items
  • Level 1 Feat All Races
  • Level 20
  • Magic Crossbows
  • More Magic Items
  • Multiclass
  • No Level Constraint
  • Primed Recipes
  • Respec
  • Rogue Con Artist
  • Save by Location [to-be imported by @impPhil]
  • Skip Tutorials
  • Solastanomicon
  • Telema Campaign
  • Tinkerer Subclass - Scout Sentinel [to-be imported by @dubhHerder]
  • Two Feats - Power Attack and Reckless Fury
  • UI Updates
  • Unofficial Hotfixes
  • Wizard Arcane Fighter
  • Wizard Life Transmuter
  • Wizard Master Manipulator
  • Wizard Spell Master