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Campaigns are complete adventures that you can download and play, complete with with custom monsters, NPCs, merchants and items. Campaigns are the best way to enjoy adventures in Solasta.

This Category is for new and updated adventures that support DMv5 Campaign Creator adventures and a single .JSON. Campaign Collections (Steam Collections) are no longer included.

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Module Author Level Range Style DM PRO Steam Nexus
SolastaQuest SirMadnessTV 1-12 Dungeon Crawl Nov 4 Nov 4
Vel Escape From Solasta Campaign Vel 1-12 Speedy Roguelite Steam
Vel Leverage Remastered Campaign Vel 1-12 Combat and Exploration Steam
Vel Explorer Campaign Vel 1-12 Open World Steam
Vel King of the Hill Vel 10-12 Humorous Steam Link
Crown of the Dungeon Maker SirMadnessTV 1-12 Dungeon Crawl EN FR Nov 4
Ruins of Ilthismar Silverquick 1-12 Classic Tabletop Steam Link Nexus Mods

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