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Zarbenu5 Zarbenu5 29 August 2021

What is Solasta to you?

TL:DR Solasta user content is my primary interest in the game. How can we raise the profile so new Solasta players are aware of the volume of quality content, and then get them playing it?

My most treasured memories of DnD are my first years when me and my buddy pooled our candy and comics money to buy the basic red box DnD. We chittered all kinds of excited nonsense running back to his house with our prize intact. We colored in the numbers on the dice with a crayon that came with the pack and started reading the first paragraphs of the Keep on the Borderlands module that was included. We stopped and started trying to work out who would DM and which of our friends would want to join in. Then we blew the rest of the afternoon rolling new char…

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