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Chapter Two: A Snafu!

After you succeeded at the Haunted Keep of the Rodemus family, you received and answered a summons from a Lady Almalphia, a noble in the town of Grimhaven. She wanted to hire your party for the delivery of a special medicine to cure her brother in another city. No sooner had you left the Almalphia Estate and began chartering a ship, when the stable hand came running through the town half out of breath.

"It's the Lady Almalphia, the rural manor was attacked by pirates and all within either captured or killed by slavers". Your patron wasn't going to be able to pay you if she was kidnapped by slavers, so you set off to rescue her, hoping to get to her before she's sold off.

You've managed to track the slavers back to a port city long overrun by orcs and other humanoids. Now its just a haven of scum for pirates and other evil things. Keeping a low profile you quietly entered the city. You made contact with a man inside the city and he was able to tell you about a secret location of the Slave Lords in an old temple fortress up on the hill.

With this information you've set up a base camp outside the Ruined Temple Manor and found your way to a secret door in a ruined shed at the back of the temple... in preparation for your....

...Assault on the Slave Lords.



This module is for 4th or 5th level characters and is about 2-6 hours long and will get them to around 6th level. It is the sequel to Haunted Keep of the Slavers designed for use with those characters.

It is inspired by the classic D&D module: A1 Slave Pits of the Undercity.

Starting point is "A0 Assault on the Slave Lords START" in your dungeon listings.

It is strongly recommended you play Classic Tabletop adventures with 'Deadlier AI' enabled in your game options. The default setting for AI greatly reduces the monster use of abilities, limiting the encounter challenge. Encounter balance will be at its best for a points-buy party on Authentic with Deadlier AI.



Solasta: Assault on the Slave Lords